I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Mines and Built Environment. We cherish your decision to study or collaborate with us and we are determined and committed to nurture and sustain this relationship. You are joining or partnering a remarkable and lovely community of staff and students committed to a transformative agenda towards sustainable development.

The School of Mines and Built Environment is a young but promising school that is determined to make a difference in Ghana’s tertiary education landscape in the design of innovative and responsive academic programmes, teaching, and research. The School of Mines and Built Environment is creating an extraordinary and stimulating environment for studies, research, and collaboration.

I encourage you to join in our quest to promote the sustainable exploitation and management of our mineral resources, shape public policy on sustainable development, and to create livable cities and communities. I wish to assure our students of our commitment and willingness to help them acquire relevant knowledge and skills that would open doors of possibilities and make them excel in their future career.

It is also our commitment to build and sustain a flourishing community of partners and collaborators in our quest to create sustainable futures. We appreciate your decision and initiative to be part of this transformative agenda.

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